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 Dangerous Turf

Tonya Callahan’s burning desire is to compete in the male-dominated world of Thoroughbred racing. But there is something more sinister then sexism at work at the small Southwestern track where Tonya lives with her father, a successful trainer. Someone is murdering workers at the track.

Following a trail of clues that include mysterious circled entries from racing programs found near each body, Tonya uncovers a twisted web of bigotry and sexism that leads to several suspects, including Mike Torres, a fiery jockey who both frightens and intrigues her.

Dangerous Turf is published by Black Opal Books,, scheduled for release in November, 2017.

Three to One Odds

Tonya Callahan’s dreams have just begun to come true for her and her father. But then on Christmas day, a man from the past arrives with a secret that shakes her and those she loves to the core. From that day, Tonya is enveloped in a web of lies, intrigue and murder, a web that ultimately threatens her life.

The exciting sequel to Dangerous Turf follows the Callahans into a world they never could have imagined just months before.

Three to One Odds is published by Black Opal Books,, scheduled for release in 2018.